Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am I ?

Weird? Sometimes I think of the things I like to do, or make and I think I am weird... lol My latest fun thing for me is making books... I took the paper from an old sketch pad and folded them in half an made covers for them... I have made a few different types... One is the simple punch holes and put in posts and there ya have a book... Today I tried my hand at sewing the pages and then gluing a cover to it... Hubby was looking at me like I was nuts when I started on book two in front of him, till I showed him the book I made this afternoon... He was impressed but thinks I am nuts at the same time... I feel odd a lot of the times... I like to make things, collect things... I dont think anyone understands me, hell sometimes I dont understand myself lol... I just have the urge to create... To learn new things, be obsessive at times when i first start learning new things and then I tapper off... Hubby might not always understand my creative side but he accepts me for who I am if that makes sense... Which is good cause things would be so much more frustrating if he didnt... He loves me the way I am says I make things interesting... My step dad used to say I make things fun cause I am different and I look at things differently... who knows... At times I think I am just compulsive in some of the things I do... Oh well back to gluing book number two so to finish it before I go to bed... brightest blessings to all...


Laura said...

I think we all think we are weird or different at some point in our lives. And I think that we all are different, but not in a bad way.
Hope you'll post pictures of your books. I'd like to see them.

Jenger said...

I think you are freak'n AWESOME!!!!!! I remember when Stinky was about 4 and she was asking about being different from the other kids. I asked her how fun the world would be if everyone was the same; looked the same, spoke the same, and acted the same. She did not like that idea. So I explained that is what makes each of us so special, the differences we bring to the world.


salem said...

We may be considered weird.. we may be viewed as strange by some but that is what makes us who we are and that is not a bad thing at all. You are awesome & the crafts you craft are also awesome, Sweetie. Me, I like to make things outta wood.. Well, you know that & collecting, Oh yeah.. I do it well. You are purrfect in my BOS.