Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ultimate Blog Party 2009

A little about me and my family... I am a SAHM since having my second child... I have two little girls Rhianna (4) and Emma (2) and we are trying to have a third child... This is the first time I havent had an outside job but I love staying home with my girls... I had to go back to work after my first and I hated being away from her and missing things so I am happy to be able to stay home plus we would be using my pay check to pay for daycare so whats the point... We have one dog and three cats and whatever lives in the woods around our house... I am a crafty person I love to make things and one of these days I will get my etsy store off the ground... I am happily married we have been together dating and married for over 10+ years and I couldnt imagine my life without him... Why am I doing the ultimate blog party, to meet people... I love to read blogs and get to know people... My step brother laughed when he read my blog... He said "most people go to therapy, You write to the world" I have kept journals since 17 years old and blogging to me is like my journals and this way I get to meet people and get advice or support etc... I have been blogging since 2000 or 2001 I forget... but not earlier or later than that... I found out about the UBP from Jenn at Feeling geeky I go by the name Draven and have even been thinking of changing my name to it... So there's a bit about me... They even have prizes here are a few I would love to win
2 — Bracelet Provided by: Sydney Andrews
9 — Child’s Crayon Apron with Crayons
11 — Aromatherapy book and a sampler of therapeutic essential oils.
13 — Scrapbook Photo Box
17 — Fire polished Czech Bead Bracelet (sized to fit) and Pierced Earring
26 — $30 gift certificate to Target
Come join the party...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey was just wondering who was on facebook cause I've been trying to get into it and its helped me find people i lost touch with... So if you want to look me up or add me or have me add you just search for draven moon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

usa today article

This came in from one of my groups thought i would share... there is also a video about wicca a positive light...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I told my brother that if no one else was having a baby shower for his wife that I would have it... Not many people like her and she doesnt have the best friends... So I get an email saying she all ready has invites she is going to make them out and send them out... Okay.... I'm the one throwing it but she is buying the invites and sending them out... Fine... She also narrowed it down to two days that was good for her... Then I told my mom I had no idea who she invited cause she never told me, well I got the list the other day... She invited 42 people... HELLO there is no way my house can hold that many... Her logic the more she invites the more presents she will get for the baby... I find that rude... But I am really bothered by how many people she invited... I'm not rich... Only my hubby is working so I wasnt going to go broke to have this thing... I feel she took no consideration on what this would put on me... I think she is taking advantage of the situation as well... And I havent said anything to her or my brother... I did tell him how many people she invited he had no idea... My brother made an offer to help back when I was playing around with hosting this and I told him we would see, well I will be asking for help... I am just bothered by this whole thing... More and more I see her as having no class what so ever... Am I wrong to be bothered by this?