Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I told my brother that if no one else was having a baby shower for his wife that I would have it... Not many people like her and she doesnt have the best friends... So I get an email saying she all ready has invites she is going to make them out and send them out... Okay.... I'm the one throwing it but she is buying the invites and sending them out... Fine... She also narrowed it down to two days that was good for her... Then I told my mom I had no idea who she invited cause she never told me, well I got the list the other day... She invited 42 people... HELLO there is no way my house can hold that many... Her logic the more she invites the more presents she will get for the baby... I find that rude... But I am really bothered by how many people she invited... I'm not rich... Only my hubby is working so I wasnt going to go broke to have this thing... I feel she took no consideration on what this would put on me... I think she is taking advantage of the situation as well... And I havent said anything to her or my brother... I did tell him how many people she invited he had no idea... My brother made an offer to help back when I was playing around with hosting this and I told him we would see, well I will be asking for help... I am just bothered by this whole thing... More and more I see her as having no class what so ever... Am I wrong to be bothered by this?


Laura said...

I would be supremely pissed and I would tell her if she wants to plan it, she can host it at her place herself...

but that's just me.

Dracenea said...

You are incredibly nice to offer to throw her a baby shower. She's taking advantage of the situation and yes, it is rude to invite a lot of people just because you want more gifts. She should only invite those that she really cares for because those are the ones you want around you. If what you say is true though, I bet she'll have a lot of people not show! Mean of me to say, I know. She better not be expecting you to rent a hall or something because of the amount of people she invited. I think that's the biggest baby shower I have ever heard of! I wish you should definitely say something to your brother and maybe he can do something about the wifey.

salem said...

Oh Sweetie, Jessica & I have the same type of problem arising here with preparing for my daughter in law's baby shower. No one wanted to have it.. so we decised we would & now everyone has an opinion and is inviting people.

Love & Hugs,

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.
I totally agree with Laura. That was really inconsiderate of her to invite all those people just to receive lots of gifts. Especially since she 'supposedly doesn't have that many friends.

Hope everything works out for you.

Have a great weekend.