Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday shopping

I didnt think i was going to make it when i first got up to go anywhere... I woke up with a nasty migraine... That was at 9am, I took some meds and went back to sleep and woke up around 12 and still felt like crap and I just wanted to crawl in a hole my head hurt so bad... So I took an ibuprofen and closed my eyes for a little while more till I could take the other stuff and then prayed that the combo would make the pain stop... By two I was feeling a bit better and we were able to go out... Hubby said we had all the time in the world and we didnt have to go out but I really wanted to go out and I wanted our new mattress as soon as possible... I am hopping it helps with my back and our sleeping... So far hubby is still snoring but not as loud as he normally does... lol I did get to go to the craft store today, I wanted to get some different seed beads till I can place an order with FMG... I was upset that I thought i picked out a black and a dk green and turns out i got two dk greens because they were all mixed up in the rack..., so i still have no black... And the selection in the store kinda sucked, limited colors and I was looking for a rose and mauve color and couldnt find any... So i am a bit blah about that... Even on FMG i think the rose was back ordered that i wanted... I will have to check in a few days to see what they have again and then place an order... I wish we had a bead store close around, i would love to go into a store like that... I would just drool... lol

So other wise nothing much else going on today, i was very cranky, things were setting me off left and right and it was stupid stuff, i wanted to hide, i kept hugging hubby and saying sorry i just felt like such a bitch and he bought the new mattress to see if it would help with my back and he even got me a new hairdryer, (i think the old one was one leg away from flame torch), he was even going to get me a more expensive one but i didnt like it... I wonder if its from hormones, not feeling well and i still have my monthly slightly and its been more than 7 days... Which if it keeps up i will be calling the doc on monday about that... I am going to go read a few blogs, catch up on the news and then go to bed... Hugs to all

Friday, June 29, 2007

What a day....

It didn't start out too bad. Got up around 10, fed the little ones, we watched movies, had a slight headache and back was bothering me but I was ok... Then my brother called me, he and his wife were fighting again, surprise surprise... I am torn, at times i want to get involved and other times I dont... I know they both dont tell me everything so i cant believe it all... I dont like to see my brother upset though... He wound up here a little while after his phone call with one of the kids they have custody of... He was ranting, and i listened, the boy did say it is bad at the house, that sil isnt a nice person all the time and he is scared of her... That she fights with my brother all the time and if my brother is in a good mood she looks to put him in a bad mood or depress him... My brother said today that he didnt want to get married he felt forced, he says he told her and the minister that he didnt want to get married that he felt he wasnt ready, I dont think he told them this... Bro has a problem with telling the truth... Like todays argument was how she takes all the money and he has no money and nothing to pay his bills with... He mentions that the checks are in his name and i ask him how is she cashing them then, he is signing them and giving them to her... I was like hello , dont sign them... He then calls her from here on his cell, puts her on speaker phone a few times, I really didnt hear her yelling at him like he says she does... What i did hear and see was my brother loose it... I told Rhi to go in my room cause i didnt want her seeing him yell like that... He then hung up on her and said he was leaving, I told him calm down , do not leave here if you are upset and dont drive upset... He said he was fine, he backed out of my driveway ok it was the peeling down the hill that had me worried, not only was he in the car he had a kid in the car and driving like that... I get a phone call a little later, he wants me to talk to her, so sil gets on the phone, i find out he was driving like an ass, almost flipped his truck, he then tries to say sil tried to run him off the road, she was like how did i do that when you were driving up behind me doing like 90, how did i run you off the road? Then he starts fighting with the kids, sil tells him he needs to go for a walk and calm down, i told her she needs to keep an eye on him cause he did say he is sick of the fighting and wishes he was dead... But after talking to sil i find out the reason she has the money is she is paying the bills, she had to go to the store that my brother buys gas and cigs from and pay the bounced checks he has been writing or they are having him arrested... Find out he does this alot... Find out he keeps overdrafting on his checking account because he thinks the overdraft float he has he can use when he has no money... So here is all that middle shit he leaves out ... So i was annoyed with him... He did get back on the phone and i told him he needs to get his act together... I told him you dont drive when you are angry, and you dont drive angry when you have a child in the car with you... I told you not to drive, he then tells me i should have taken his keys, I told him NO I should not have to take his keys and he should act like a grown man and not a child... I guess they talked later and she explained things to him and now he understands where the money goes, etc etc, my brother has a problem comprehending things and sometimes needs things explained a few different ways before he gets it...

The rest of the afternoon wasnt too bad, other than my headache was now worse and my back was killing me , dont think the stress was any help ...

Well think i rambled on long enough...

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the soap opera i call my family, lol

More bead fun

Something new I was playing around with today... I made a long necklace of seed beads, then made rings for me, emma, and rhianna in our birthstones... I like it...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

more fun

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wedding photo

Thought I would share a picture from the wedding... As you can see my little love dumping her basket of petals again... First time she did it was while at the ceremony , it was real funny... There is about 3 or 4 of these pictures in the last one she is done with the basket, hikes up her dress and walks off...

Another Rainy day...

I think I saw the sun for about 20 min... Yesterday it rained really hard and we had t-storms too, so bad the power went out for sometime... Sucky thing about that is it was so hot yesterday that the rain was no cooling things off... Today its right now 74, not too bad it was cooler when it was raining about 67, i am hoping it cools off more...

Emma is finally taking a nap, she would nod off but not stay asleep when I put her down... She sang to her toys for awhile till she wants to be picked up... She is too funny...

I've been playing around with some beads this afternoon... I am liking seed beads right now... I love the matte ones and I need to get more... I also was a bit upset I got some 3-1 strand reducers off ebay they were supose to be that way but i found only the middle hole was able to get a thread thru... All 6 of them were like that, I never checked them when I got them... So I got some drill bits for my dremel tool, but didnt get the different size cores so i was going to have to wait to drill them, well then i remembered a little hand drill I had... I used to do nails when I lived in Long island... I did a lot of acrylic work, and one thing women liked was nail jewelry... And to be able to put in the jewels you had to drill holes in the acrylic... I had two of these tools but I knew at the time only where one was and found it... It took a little bit but i was able to drill all the holes out lol with my little nail tool... I dont do nails any more but nice that some of my tools still come in handy... And i found the other tool too which is more compact and had a bolt thing on the other side...

Oh well I am going to put in another load of laundry while emma is still asleep and grab another cup of coffee... Toodles for now...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

had to play

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Monday, June 25, 2007

New Do...

Well I did it... I cut it all off... And I love it... Heres a pic of the new do....

Day in bed....

Spent most of my day in bed again, got the monthly and it usually brings migraines, i had headaches last week but yesturday and today had bad migraines... Finally started feeling better after 6pm... So now i will be up all night most likely and thats not good since I have a nerve block at 9:30 am tomorrow... I did get to run out to the store tonight with hubby and the kids... I picked up a hair magazine... I have been debating on cutting my hair... I like my hair long but I spend more time pinning it up and out of the way and whats the point of having all that hair if i put it in a pony tail or bun every day... I am loving the short angled bobs... My sil cuts hair and she did the hair cut i want on one of her girls and I am thinking of asking if she will do mine... Plus, my hair is falling out like crazy... It could be post pregnancy stuff but i am tired of running my hands thru my hair and being covered in hair... I think a short do would be less stressful on my head... I am hoping the vitamins i am taking help and it gets better other wise it could be something else... Well I am going to run and see what is on tv to watch... hugs to all

Sunday, June 24, 2007

And the Winner is???

Lani.... Knit princess Congrats toots... I will be emailing you soon... Thanks to all that entered, I will be having other contest over the summer so keep on the look out... I love to give things I have made....

Saturday, June 23, 2007



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Almost gone...

We got most of the marker off Rhianna... Her legs still have a trace of the black on them... She found one of the sharpies that had a chisel tip on it so she did good with it... Thank the goddess she didnt get the walls too, Just her tent and herself, see the below picture in previous post... Is it bad that I wasnt mad, I tried very hard not to laugh...

Ending soon...

Just a reminder if you wanted to enter the contest you have until 12 am sunday est... Then it closes and I will have my daughter draw the winner... :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tribal Rhianna

Looks like Rhi wanted to be like mommy with some tattoo's of her own design...

She found a sharpie marker and drew on herself... She is in the bath right now... Anyone know of anything that gets sharpie off of skin?

Blog Interview

Here are my interview questions from Lani, If you want to be interviewed leave a comment with your email address...
1. What are your favorite crafts? Hmmm, I do like to draw, I like to sew but
my favorite thing right now is making jewelry , I just find it so

2. What is your most favorite book? I think that would have to be the
three sisters trilogy by nora roberts, I have read those books over and over...

3. What song is currently stuck in your head? pop goes my heart from the movie music and lyrics

4. What's the best thing about being a witch? Finally finding where i belong, I love it

5. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I dont think i could
live anywhere other than NY...
Remember to post the directions on your blog:
1. Leave a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. Please make sure I have your email address.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
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5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another photo

Here is another photo from the other day when I took all those pictures... I changed it to black and white and added a boarder... I like it... If its nice tomorrow maybe I will play with the camera again... I have the urge to also go to one of the big state parks... Rhi one love the one three water falls... She loves water and telling you when she see's it...


You think love, the woman who gave birth to you, took care of you when you were little... Nursed you when you didnt feel good, etc... Right now the only word that comes to mind when I think of my mother is Bitch... I went over to her house not too long ago to visit... Took Emma on a walk to go see grandma... My brother and sil were there... We had some food, talked... I got up to get a drink and made the comment my butt hurt... She has these horrible hard wood chairs... She asked me whats wrong, I said my butt hurts, I guess not having all that padding its gotten a little bony and sitting on your hard chairs my butt hurts... She then mumbled some comment under her breath that my ass will get fat again and i'll have all that padding back... I then said "what was that" ? She then told me what she had to drink in her fridge... Quickly changing the subject... Sil walked me out and I asked her so were my ears right and she said yes... I didnt realize how hurt i was till the tears where running down my face... I hope I never in my life make my girls feel how horrible my mom has made me feel over my life time... When i was a teen she would call me lard ass and bubble butt, when i asked her why she did this , she told me she thought she was helping me.... The only thing she ever did was make me feel horrible about myself... And I try so hard to like me, for who I am and most days I do ok, till mom opens her toxic mouth... And lets not forget when I got pregnant I was 198, while pregnant I went down to 186-189 it went up and down, now five months after the birth of my daughter I go between 147-149 and I hear comments that that is not good enough, i should be like 140 or so... Nothing is good enough for her but I am not going to kill myself to make her happy... So today the only word that comes to mind is Bitch... Like my step dad used to say, I love you because your my mom, BUT that doesnt mean I have to like you...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I am having a contest, starting today leave a comment below with your email address and next sunday I will put everyones name in a bowl and let my daughter pick a name for the full moon prayer beads below... Little bit about the piece, she has a lovely amethyst goddess, followed by amethyst and labradorite 6mm beads and to end it a labradorite 8mm bead... This is made by me and I hope someone will enjoy having her... So you have from this Sunday till next Sunday at 12 am est. the contest will close and later that day I will announce the winner... I will email the winner so dont forget to leave your email addy in the comments... Also if you know someone who would like to enter pass along the contest info... Good luck

Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling blue....

Today has been an emotional roller coaster.... First I was antsy waiting for my mom to bring the mail to me... I knew that hubbys fathers day present was here... I got him an I.D bracelet... I got his name engraved on the front and then the back says Love Rhianna and Emma... I was so excited I couldnt wait for him to have it so when he got home, I gave it to Rhi and had her give it to him... I have no patients... Then the blue mood started coming on... I went out looking for rowena the cat and I am out there calling here kitty kitty and here comes the quail... It is one confused bird... So I went back in the house and got a piece of bread and fed it... I am going to call it morgan I think... Good name for a boy or girl... So morgan took a few pieces from my hand... I pulled the rest apart on the grass and said good night and went inside... Its now 10pm, Rhi is in bed, dont think she is asleep, emma is in her cradle and asleep and so is hubby... I dont know where the cats are other than spaz, he is between hubbys legs... lol So I am feeling a bit alone and depressed... I think its hormones ? I got my monthly around this time last month, who knows if I will get it this month, not sure if breastfeeding is going to screw it all up... But I am emotional and I just wanna cry... I hate feeling like this... I have the urge to buy myself something but cant find anything that does it for me... And it must be a crazy thing for me but when I am depressed you can usually find me in the pen isle of a store... Pens make me feel better, so do purses... Jewelry can be good too depending on what it is... I tried making something but I am not happy with it... I will leave it till after this passes and see how I feel... Oh well... Think I am going to read more of pagan prayer beads... Not sure... Dont think I could fall asleep though... Hugs to all....

You Finally Know You Are A Witch When:

Thought this was cute....

You Finally Know You Are A Witch When:

1. Your BOS has spots on the pages from spilled brews.
2. When cleaning house you have to specify. "Where is the broom? No, not the broom, where is the one to clean the floor with?"
3. Candle wax has dripped on your keyboard.
4. There are more jars of strange smelling plants in your cupboards than there are cereal boxes.
5. Friends know they can always give you candles and incense as a gift.
6. When watching old re-runs of Bewitched, you find you side with Samantha's mother Endora.
7. When travelling, stranger and stranger strangers tell you their problems.
8. You find yourself making corn dollies in the checkout line at the grocery store (well, I thought about it).
9. You ask for Halloween off, because it's a religious holiday.
10. You start answering the phone with "Merry Meet".


I just ate a really big piece of birthday cake and I am not feeling too good... Think that was just a bit too much icing lol... I did play around with my camera today... I found the self timer and i have never used that on the camera so i got out the tripod and went to town... Here are two pic's one of me outside in one of my favorite dresses and the other is with emma...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One of those days.....

Seems like today is bad Tuesday... Found out a friend today lost her 19 wk old baby, my heart goes out to her, my baby wasnt that far along but I know how she feels... I wrote yesturday I had my nerve block, they tell you to take it easy, no driving for certain amount of hours etc... I fell down my small set of stairs... Hit my foot and my lower back... I was sore and it was getting worse but I wasnt seeing any bruising till I pulled my underwear down and looked by my butt cheek and I have a nice black and blue and its sore to the touch... Go me... I am such a clutz, trying to fix my back and I just keep fucking it up... So will be calling PM doctor tomorrow to see what he says... And last but not least my brother has a lump in his neck... He went for one of his check ups since being in remission and they found a lump, so now its more tests to see what it is and they mentioned a bone marrow transplant... So I spent a part of tonight looking up info on it... To see what a donor would have to do and the risks... Doesnt look too dangerous, just uncomfortable for the donor... Its my brother that will go thru hell... But he is keeping a positive attitude so I am going to try and do that... I did how ever smack him for starting up smoking again and he better make up his mind to quit for good, he got a second chance, lets not piss on it... So that was my tuesday... They sure do come in three's dont they... Oiy


I have been in a creative mood sewing wise... Still making stuff by hand since I havent bothered figuring out the tension on my sewing machine... I started with making a wrap belt that could also be a head wrap if you want to wind it more than once around your head... the other one is a headwrap in brow with pink pokadots i love this color combo... This one I made different and in more pieces... Picture is below...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nerve Block

Oh my goddess...I am still tired and now I am hurting... We got up at 7am to drop off Rhianna, then head over to the hospital... I got there early cause I wasnt sure where I had to go... Then I never got the piece of paper that had questions on it for the doc, one being are you pregnant...Hmmmm not sure... So now i had to get blood drawn and wait longer but better to be safe than sorry since they have to do xrays while doing the nerve block... I am not pregnant... One nice thing was one of the nurses is a family friend and it was comforting to have her there and hold my hand, tell me what was going on etc... I think the lower back was the worst because they actually stick something in the skin down near the joints to put medicine in it and they touch things in there to know if they are in the right area... So when they did the left side, I felt it from my butt check down to my knee... Not fun but over pretty quick... I am hurting now... I am achy... I think its more the needles they had in me than anything... I go back in two weeks for another one , then one more two weeks after that... I hope this helps... Another nice thing, I was told to bring music if I wanted to so I made up a cd... the xray tech liked it, I even offered it to her since I could go home and make another but she said no but thank you and she enjoyed my selections... Here is what I put on it...

ozzy - I don't wanna stop
korn - coming undone
NIN - the hand that feeds
the cult - fire woman
collective soul - better now
rob zombie - american witch
rob zombie - foxy, foxy
rob zombie - dragula
godsmack - voodoo
pink - cuz i can
daughtry - what i want
flyleaf - i'm so sick
goo goo dolls - big machine
kelly clarkson - never again
korn and amy lee - freak on a leash
daughtry -its not over
petey pablo s-how me the money
drew sidora -till the dawn
jamie scott -made

Go and have a medical procedure and play this kind of music lol... I was loving it...

My birthday was nice spent it just chill'n, hubby made me breakfast, then dinner and then he made me a cake... Thank you from all who wished me a happy bday... :) HUGS

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm happy

At least thats how she looks... I had fun taking pictures of Emma , poor kids going to be begging mommy, No more bright light....

New Tattoo

Here is a pic of the new tattoo I got this afternoon... It was my birthday present from hubby... I forgot how much they hurt, lol....

Friday, June 08, 2007


These are the sketches I have put together for my tattoo choices... The one moon has a totally different star, probably wont do that one only because I am not sure the moon and star go together... The other two moons the star is the same but different sizes, the star is from my charm bracelet... I love knot work... Then if they have time, I might get a second one that will either be the small moon with stars or the butterfly... I am leaning towards the butterfly... What do ya think.... ?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mom's Necklace

I forgot to post this earlier... This is the necklace I made for my mom for her birthday... I liked it myself... I have another one of the circle stones, I might have to make myself one or something like it...

Yard friend

I forgot to blog about this... We have a friend out in the yard, a quail... And its not your normal bird, most would run away when you get near it... Not our little friend... He comes up right to you... Follows hubby around when he is working in the yard... Has followed him when he was mowing the yard on the mower... Tonight it was following right behind him when he was weed wacking... The little guy was covered lightly in grass... I went out there with Rhi and he came right up to us... So I am posting pics below of this... I also have video of it on our porch, it followed hubby up the steps the other day when he was out there... I think if we would have left the door open it might have come in the house...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cool Monday

I am so happy it is cooler today, this weekend was hot and humid... We didnt do a lot this weekend due to the heat and then rain on sunday... We went shopping on saturday to get things for the house that we needed... I got a price for a tattoo... Hubby is paying for my next tattoo as a birthday present... I turn 38 on sunday... Goddess 38 seems old but thank the goddess i dont feel it or look it... So I have been looking at tattoos and playing around with designs... I think i am getting a celtic moon and star on my right shoulder and maybe a butterfly on my ankle... Hubby was expecting 150 and the price I got for the moon tattoo was 75 with color and cheaper if I do it b/w... So I might get two if they have to time... I am so excited I have wanted another tattoo for a long time...

My mom's birthday is tomorrow and I had no clue what to get her and she doesnt give hints so I made her something... A necklace, she really liked it and said it means more cause I took the time to make it... I have pictures and I will post those later... I should go though, its getting dark here and I need to be ready to shut down if needed...

More later.... Hugs and love to all...