Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One of those days.....

Seems like today is bad Tuesday... Found out a friend today lost her 19 wk old baby, my heart goes out to her, my baby wasnt that far along but I know how she feels... I wrote yesturday I had my nerve block, they tell you to take it easy, no driving for certain amount of hours etc... I fell down my small set of stairs... Hit my foot and my lower back... I was sore and it was getting worse but I wasnt seeing any bruising till I pulled my underwear down and looked by my butt cheek and I have a nice black and blue and its sore to the touch... Go me... I am such a clutz, trying to fix my back and I just keep fucking it up... So will be calling PM doctor tomorrow to see what he says... And last but not least my brother has a lump in his neck... He went for one of his check ups since being in remission and they found a lump, so now its more tests to see what it is and they mentioned a bone marrow transplant... So I spent a part of tonight looking up info on it... To see what a donor would have to do and the risks... Doesnt look too dangerous, just uncomfortable for the donor... Its my brother that will go thru hell... But he is keeping a positive attitude so I am going to try and do that... I did how ever smack him for starting up smoking again and he better make up his mind to quit for good, he got a second chance, lets not piss on it... So that was my tuesday... They sure do come in three's dont they... Oiy

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