Monday, June 25, 2007

Day in bed....

Spent most of my day in bed again, got the monthly and it usually brings migraines, i had headaches last week but yesturday and today had bad migraines... Finally started feeling better after 6pm... So now i will be up all night most likely and thats not good since I have a nerve block at 9:30 am tomorrow... I did get to run out to the store tonight with hubby and the kids... I picked up a hair magazine... I have been debating on cutting my hair... I like my hair long but I spend more time pinning it up and out of the way and whats the point of having all that hair if i put it in a pony tail or bun every day... I am loving the short angled bobs... My sil cuts hair and she did the hair cut i want on one of her girls and I am thinking of asking if she will do mine... Plus, my hair is falling out like crazy... It could be post pregnancy stuff but i am tired of running my hands thru my hair and being covered in hair... I think a short do would be less stressful on my head... I am hoping the vitamins i am taking help and it gets better other wise it could be something else... Well I am going to run and see what is on tv to watch... hugs to all

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