Friday, June 08, 2007


These are the sketches I have put together for my tattoo choices... The one moon has a totally different star, probably wont do that one only because I am not sure the moon and star go together... The other two moons the star is the same but different sizes, the star is from my charm bracelet... I love knot work... Then if they have time, I might get a second one that will either be the small moon with stars or the butterfly... I am leaning towards the butterfly... What do ya think.... ?


Lana said...

I love the celtic moon...and the butterfly. The stars are "ok." Definately the bytterfly and moon. LOL!

Draven said...

I am thinking the celtic moon with the small celtic star and the butterfly... I cant wait, I am so excited and I have wanted another tattoo for so long... woo hooo