Monday, June 11, 2007

Nerve Block

Oh my goddess...I am still tired and now I am hurting... We got up at 7am to drop off Rhianna, then head over to the hospital... I got there early cause I wasnt sure where I had to go... Then I never got the piece of paper that had questions on it for the doc, one being are you pregnant...Hmmmm not sure... So now i had to get blood drawn and wait longer but better to be safe than sorry since they have to do xrays while doing the nerve block... I am not pregnant... One nice thing was one of the nurses is a family friend and it was comforting to have her there and hold my hand, tell me what was going on etc... I think the lower back was the worst because they actually stick something in the skin down near the joints to put medicine in it and they touch things in there to know if they are in the right area... So when they did the left side, I felt it from my butt check down to my knee... Not fun but over pretty quick... I am hurting now... I am achy... I think its more the needles they had in me than anything... I go back in two weeks for another one , then one more two weeks after that... I hope this helps... Another nice thing, I was told to bring music if I wanted to so I made up a cd... the xray tech liked it, I even offered it to her since I could go home and make another but she said no but thank you and she enjoyed my selections... Here is what I put on it...

ozzy - I don't wanna stop
korn - coming undone
NIN - the hand that feeds
the cult - fire woman
collective soul - better now
rob zombie - american witch
rob zombie - foxy, foxy
rob zombie - dragula
godsmack - voodoo
pink - cuz i can
daughtry - what i want
flyleaf - i'm so sick
goo goo dolls - big machine
kelly clarkson - never again
korn and amy lee - freak on a leash
daughtry -its not over
petey pablo s-how me the money
drew sidora -till the dawn
jamie scott -made

Go and have a medical procedure and play this kind of music lol... I was loving it...

My birthday was nice spent it just chill'n, hubby made me breakfast, then dinner and then he made me a cake... Thank you from all who wished me a happy bday... :) HUGS

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