Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wanting to die?

Thats how I felt with the migraine i woke up with... it was bad... I took two lortab when i woke up and that didnt even touch it... so then i took my migraine meds one then another one two hours later and still nothing and then the throwing up started and that didnt even help just made things worse... Finally i broke down and had mom take me to the er while hubby stayed with the girls... I am finally feeling better... I got pain meds, stuff for my stomach and fluids... guess i was a bit dehydrated... They could have stuck me with whatever they wanted as long as the pain stopped... I hate when they are that bad... Its like loosing a day with my family cause i cant function... Hubby is just the best, he took care of the girls, washed the floors, did laundry cleaned up... I am so lucky to have a husband like him... I love him to pieces... Oh well I am going to relax... hugs to all

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