Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wanting to die?

Thats how I felt with the migraine i woke up with... it was bad... I took two lortab when i woke up and that didnt even touch it... so then i took my migraine meds one then another one two hours later and still nothing and then the throwing up started and that didnt even help just made things worse... Finally i broke down and had mom take me to the er while hubby stayed with the girls... I am finally feeling better... I got pain meds, stuff for my stomach and fluids... guess i was a bit dehydrated... They could have stuck me with whatever they wanted as long as the pain stopped... I hate when they are that bad... Its like loosing a day with my family cause i cant function... Hubby is just the best, he took care of the girls, washed the floors, did laundry cleaned up... I am so lucky to have a husband like him... I love him to pieces... Oh well I am going to relax... hugs to all

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Love

Is banging out metal... Ive been waiting to get a block so I can bang out metal but I couldnt wait any longer I wanted to play around so I took two hammers one for banging and the other to put the metal on, works just fine till I can get what I want... Think I might actually get an anvil instead so I have thinner surfaces... But here is something that I did last night, not done with it but got the major parts done... I take a strip of metal weave it around in different squiggles and then hammer it out by its self... I found this way to work better...Bang out the circle then the squiggle then put it together... So I made a bunch of different size circles and ovals... Its so much fun, Joy you were right I love doing this...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I like to be quiet and sneak up on my girls and watch them play... Sometimes together other times when they are by themselves... I just love the imagination and the facial expressions they have... To see their minds at 3 and 1 at work... I find them amazing every day... It still baffles me at times that we made them... I carried them for 9 months and then brought them into the world... I dont think anything has been as amazing as them coming into our lives... I hope I do a good job raising them and they turn out to be good people... My little miracles... I remember how terrified I was to have the first one, my doc asked me if anything was wrong and I told her I was terrified to give birth... She giggled at me and said it will be ok and she has to come out sometime she cant stay in there... I was so scared that I couldnt handle a regular birth, yes I was induced but still she was coming out the way the goddess intended and that scared the living crap out of me... I made sure my doc knew I wanted an epidural and even then it didnt take it all away... I had horrible back labor... Hubby was amazing, there by my side, holding my hand feeding me ice chips, telling me she is almost here and when i thought i couldnt go on he told me he could see the head, almost done your doing great and then I felt the rush of her break thru and I felt her squirm and I was amazed... I did it, we did it and she was ok... I remember telling hubby I didnt think I could do that again but that didnt last long I wanted to give my baby girl someone to play with grow up with and expericence life with... Someone she could say, "she or he did it"... Now I have two beautiful girls and belive it or not I would like one more... I think I am up to 3-4 months of morning sickness, back pain, migraines from hell, swollen ankles, hot flashes and everything eles to bring one more miracle into the world and into our lives...