Saturday, June 05, 2010

Just a little hi had to have baby early we are both well will write soon

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Family Drama

Here we go again it seems... More drama with my brother and his crazy wife... What started this one out was that my mom wont co-sign for a loan for sil for 6,000.00... So she got all bent out of shape saying that my family doesnt want to help her yada yada... Lets start with the simple part, my brother and she have shitty credit so if they default on it my mom then has to be responsible for it and she is 68 and on a limited income... Then there is their track record in paying my mom back which most times was never and when they lived with my mom twice they freeloaded off of her and then when they moved out cleaned out food and other things so why the hell would my mom do it... I told her not to do it and stick to her guns cause she will get fucked in the end... Also why would mom take out a loan for sil when she and my brother fight all the time.. they have the crappiest marriage going and why they got married I will never know... And I told my brother not to have a baby with her but he did, but then there is still the chance the baby is not his, another long story... I dont feel sorry for my brother, he was warned before he got married and his friends kept asking him if he was sure... Everyone knew it was a mistake... I dont feel sorry for him cause he stays... You can give him all the advice in the world but then he will yes you to death and do what he wants in the end... I know he needs to learn from his mistakes but come on, enough is enough... And with all the fighting they do sil is constantly kicking him out... So again why would my mom take out a loan for them... And I am so sick of them using that mom took out a loan for me and has helped me in the past... She lent me the money to pay off a credit card and I paid it all back, she took out a loan so I could get a car and I paid that all back... And I pay back other stuff and when we can afford it we have given my mom money to just help her get by... What has my brother and sil done, squat... I really wish she would loose it in front of me so i can tell her were to stick it... Its so annoying to hear all this and never get to see it first hand and not be able to say anything to her... UGH....

Sunday, December 06, 2009

holyclothig design contest finals

I entered a contest for holy clothing and one of my designs made the finals. Its number 2 so stop on by and vote for me please...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too early?

I thought it would be too early to take a pregnancy test. Hubby and I wanted to try for one more but we werent even trying lol. Took a test on sunday after talking about it the day before and I didnt finish peeing and it had two lines on it... PREGNANT... Looks like I am due at the end of June...I know I conceived, our 6 year wedding anniversary 12 total years together...LOL I have a doctors appointment on friday to do their pee test and then start setting up appointments...This will be weird for me, pregnant thru the winter... At least i'll be warm lol... I am excited and the girls keep asking when the baby is coming, they dont understand it takes time to grow...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too cool

This is so amazing and I am so happy for Kat, stop by her blog and watch the today show tomorrow ....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New totebag

Playing around with some new fabric I got at walmart...

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I spent most of my day at the ER with my brother...His marriage is getting worse, one minute things are fine next minute she is telling my brother to get out. He said he couldnt take it anymore and mentioned killing himself. I dont think he would really do it I think it was more frustration than anything... But he drove himself to the hospital and I met him there.. We met with a counselor talked about things and got some things out. He needed someone to talk to that wasnt family. He is at my moms right now and she doesnt want him back. She says he cheated on her, he says he didnt and I believe him. On the other hand I dont think she has been faithful, I think she has someone on the side all ready and thats why she has been acting the way she has. Tomorrow we are going to the court house to get a public defender and put the paper work thru to have the baby tested to make sure he is my brothers. I know this is bad but I am so hoping he is not my brothers so he can walk away from her and have no ties, cause she will take my brother for whatever she can get out of him. So I am hoping the baby isnt his, he needs to be out of this toxic relationship...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sheriff at my door....

At 7:30 this morning I had a Sheriff at my door... I was having a heart attack as to why, she was looking for my brother... To serve him child support papers and custody papers, thing about that is he is still living with his wife... A few weeks ago my brother and his wife got into a fight... My brother lied about who he was on the phone with to his wife... He does these stupid things so he doesnt have to fight with his wife and it blows up in his face... So she finds out who he is on the phone with, accuses him of cheating on him the whole nine yards and goes as far as filing abandonment papers and custody papers saying my brother no longer lives there. He never left and i told the sheriff he hasnt left the residence and he never abandoned them. It is such a mess, a damn soap opera. My sil is so insecure and always is accusing my brother of cheating on her, and he hasnt he loves his wife why i have no idea with all the fighting they do... And now they have a child, what a mess... Heres a good one though, right before the wedding my sil cheated on my brother with this person K. She never told my brother and at one point my brother and his wife were living with my mom again and my sil talks my mom into letting one of her friends move in cause he has no place to go... The person was K, she still didnt tell my brother what she had done... About three months of them living all under the same roof it comes out what they did... I cant even find a word as to what I think of the whole situation. I am glad I dont have a marriage like theirs cause i would probably go insane... Why they got married i have no idea and i even asked my brother are you sure... I know he wanted to wait longer before getting married but he felt pressured and now they have a kid... One day its I dont want to have a kid with her to be tied to her forever if it doesnt work out and then its I want to have a child and they did but there is the little voice nagging saying to me "is it really his?" What a fuckin mess

Monday, July 20, 2009

too cute

I woke up to this so had to get the camera real quick... How cute is this...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New pic

Here is a pic of me with my nephew at my 40th bday party....

Rest In Peace....

I wasnt going to watch but I put CNN on, it still hasnt sunk in that he is gone... I hope you find peace MJ, a place where you can be happy and away from all the blood suckers and people who wanted to use you... Goddess bless

Friday, June 26, 2009

My new toy

Hubby got me a netbook for my birthday, I have been looking at them and thought it would be a good thing for when I do photo sessions and want to bring a computer with me. Its such a pain in the butt to have to carry around one of my other monsters... This one has a ten in. screen. Here is a pic of it next to my reg laptop, isnt it cute lol..

Monday, June 01, 2009

New pic

I thought I would share a recent photo of me wearing a new necklace I made...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Meet my brothers little boy... Jaggar..