Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have been moving things around my bedroom tonight... Trying not to move too much and nothing too heavy or hubby will kick my butt... We went looking for dressers today and found nothing that was worth buying... Called to talk to my mom to see what my brother wanted last night and she told me she has a dresser i can borrow, so that saves me some money, woo hooo... Trying to get things organized for next weekend since family is coming over and its Rhianna's second birthday party... She turns two on friday and Emma is one month old on friday as well... I just have too much crap and i am really trying to get rid of stuff... Its just not easy at times... But i will get there... Maybe i should mention the house swapping thing again to my mom, this way we would have more room and if my brother or sister try to move back in again she wont have the room... Looks like my sis is having issues with her hubby again... I think he will be throwing her out again soon... He gave some 18 or 19 year old a ride home the other day and the chick baked him a cheese cake to say thank you and my sister is all nuts about it... Plus i guess he made some comment that if she leaves destinee can stay with him but mj can go with her... I think thats because i believes he is not the father of the child... but he put his name on the birth certificate and had him named after him as well... He ignores the poor kid and all he wants is his love... Its sad, my sister had to beg him to go to the hospital when the kid had his tonsils taken out, he wasnt going to go... He is such an ass... Oh and he wants my sister to pay the bills so he can keep his money in his pocket... Someone needs to tell him to start acting like a real man... But my sis stays with him so its her own damn fault she is in a shitty marriage... Too bad the kids have to be in this... Daddy is a looser and mommy is a doormat... Then there is my brothers situation that doesnt seem to be getting any better... His gf tells him that he is nuts and then if my mom says anything she is nuts too, i'm the only normal on she says... My mom says she calls her a bitch she better pray i never hear her say that to my mom... I dont know what they are thinking though, they shouldnt get married... They argue and she holds over his head that she bought his car for him, that he is paying her back for, and that if she leaves she is taking his car... If this was such a happy relationship she wouldnt be holding things like that over his head and he wouldnt be going out and buying her all kinds of things to make her happy... the relationship is doomed if they keep at it like this... What a mess... I am so grateful i have a great husband that i love very much and get along with and is my best friend, etc... I think i would go insane if i was in either of their situations...

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