Friday, February 23, 2007


Not that this week has been all that bad... Few rough days with emma, seems she wanted to be attached to my breast 24/7... But we are doing good now... Had my 6 week check up at the doctor... Things are going fine... Rhianna did really good too, it was her two year check up... I was very proud of her... She didnt scream bloody murder when she saw the nurse either... Thats a good thing... My blood pressure went back to normal, i was happy to hear that... And my weight is still at 160... Woo Hoo.... now i just have to keep it there... I would still like to loose another 10-20 lbs but if i dont i can deal with this... I am still using the splenda sugar in things and drinking diet soda... I love diet coke and diet coke with lime... And i still drink my no sugar drinks too, walmart brand of crystal light... I love the cranberry drink... My only downfall right now is chocolate... I crave chocolate when i breastfeed i dont know why... Otherwise i have been playing around with jewelry stuff... I decided to do my own witchy charm bracelet and put what i want on it... I got all the charms on it now i am putting the crystal drops inbetween... I spent last night putting them on headpins and making them... I will snap a pic when i am done... The replacement parts for the crib finally came in so now hubby can finish putting that to gether and then we can get the rest of the room finished... I got some new shelves from joann's last week now i just have to find the stain to do them and have hubby hang those... I was also on ebay and found a book i was hoping to find... I had it when i was a kid and when i got older i gave it to the little boy i baby sat for, now that i have kids of my own i want the book and i found it on ebay, its a collection of fairy tales... I have the one with nursery rhymes and songs still and i found another one to go along with them... Rhianna has a nice collection of books going... I alway put books on the christmas list and hubbys mom works for a school so she gets some neat books too... Well i babbled long enough... Hugs to all...

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