Monday, December 03, 2007

Update as of 9am.

Fever was 100.9 at 8:25, its breaking... She is a lot cooler to the touch and she has been drinking ginger ale and just had a piece of toast. She is talkative and moving around. I gave her an old digital thermometer and she is taking everythings temp... She holds it up to my freckle on my arm presses the button, looks at it says thank you mom and goes on her way... That freaked me out, her being so warm like that... I am going to lay down for a bit if possible... Hugs to all


Jenger said...

I am so glad her fever is breaking and she is acting like a kid again. Fever and vomiting are so scary when they are so young.

Rilana said...

Glad the wee one is feeling better. :-) HUGS!

Laura said...

I hope Rhi is still getting better. Take care of yourself too!