Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy Tuesday

Woke up to not being able to see out my window... The snow was all ready here at 7am... Thankfully it calmed down but the plow never came up... Emma gave me a heart attack this morning i left the room to get a soda and came back to her and my benadryll bottle with the cap off... I have no idea how many were in there... She wasnt chewing on anything, they are the caplets so i would think if she got it open she would be making faces, i fished my finger in her mouth and then called poison control... After all the times with rhi i got the stickers for the phone so i didnt have to freak out trying to remember the number... So I talked to a very nice paul, he said he didnt think she got anything but we had to watch her... Keep an eye out and call me in an hour... So I watched her and played with her and called an hour and 30 min later and talked to another lady who was very nice and said she didnt think she got anything cause she thinks she would have been sleepy by now but to still keep an eye on her for any odd behavoir... So then I had to go to the docs, it took over a month for this appointment I had to go and have my back looked at... I didnt think my car was going to stop at the bottom, my tires locked and I was terrified, I live off a major road, 18 wheelers are on it... I got control at the very bottom and I told my mom to pray nothing was coming and we were very lucky no one way... I had my babies in the car, now I would have left them at home with my mom but with the incident this morning if emma did need to go to the er I was all ready heading that way... I will never go down my road again in weather like this... So emma took about a 15-20 min nap in the car and has been awake and chatty all day... She did have her lead screening done today which was long over due... I think the whole hospital heard her screaming... She doesnt like people... So on the way home we took it easy, we saw a truck flipped not far from our road, someone driving way to fast for that hill... I dont know why people drive like asses in bad weather... Stupid... My car thank the goddess had no issues getting up the hilll I flew up it and we are home and not going anywhere unless we have too... And I am hoping by the time i have the nerve blocks this weather is gone... ugh

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Jenger said...

Thank the gods she is alright. Between Boog and Goob, I was afraid CPS was going to knock on our door with all of our phone calls. He found out that diaper cream and vicks vapor steam are not poisonous.