Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I just went outside to get mail and a few things from my mom and everything is pretty much ice... Hubby said it wasnt doing anything where he is working but when he gets closer to home it could get bad... I wish i could have gotten to him before he left work to tell him how crappy it is up here... I dont think his car will make it... The temp is dropping all ready... Have I said I am ready for spring yet... ? Also I slept like crap last night... I would doze off and then wake up... Then hubby left for work and when I saw the crappy weather outside I waited till I saw him sign on at work and I still couldnt go to sleep... It wasnt until about noon or so that i finally got a nap in and the girls did too so it worked out... Now I just hope we arent up all night...

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