Saturday, August 11, 2007

What day is it????

Oh thats right its saturday... where the hell did the week go ? I am so lost on what day it is... I am so out of it... Well hubby did get a better offer with the company they got him more money so he is taking the job... Another thing they are doing too is making it like he never left so he isnt loosing his senority , thats pretty cool... And we will have insurance again at the beginning of next month, that will be nice too...

Last night we all went out to dinner, we dont do that too often go someplace and sit down to eat... We only went to Friendly's but it was sooo good... I was very happy with what i got, i have been wanting steak and shrimp for weeks now and they had it... It was so good... Rhi had fun looking out the window, kids are easy to amuse lol... Then we did some shopping after... I got ink for my printer so i can finally print out some of my pics of the kids... wooo hooo I have a few that i want to do 5x7's i think... I dont think i want to go as big as an 8x10... We were looking at cameras at walmart, they have a nice slr camera that i saw at target the other day, same price too... I really want that camera, nikon 6.1 mp d40... I have been looking at this one and the canon rebel... I have my kodak but i want something I can buy lenses for... I have one that takes film but i want a digital... I take more digital pictures than anything and I like to play with them on my pc and print them out for myself... I took photography in HS but I havent developed film in years and dont remember how to do it for b/w... Not that it was really hard, I think what took the longest was developing the negatives... I spent hours in the dark room in school... Oh well I am going to run... Got some things to check and clean out... Hugs to all

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