Friday, August 03, 2007

Kill me...

Thats how I felt earlier today... I woke up with a migraine, it wasnt too bad so i took my normal stuff and went back to sleep... Well it got 10 x worse... I tried calling my doctor, she must be taking long weekends or something because again i was refered to the er... I cant afford the er right now we dont have insurance... So hubby said well emma will be getting bottle fed now so go take your meds for migraines... I told him he was going to have to work with her because she wont take a bottle from me... He said fine... So I took my meds and tried to go back to sleep... I did get back to sleep for a bit but kept waking up and my head was still bothering me... I was sick to my stomach earlier but didnt get sick, i just stayed very still so not to make myself quezzy... I woke up before my next dose of meds and I was sick to my stomach I gave into it and got sick... My stomach was hurting so bad, and it made my head worse to get sick... I waited for it to calm down and then took my next dose and went back to sleep... This time when i woke up I felt a better... Not 100 % but better... This is when i become a baby, I cant take the pain and I just want to crawl into a hole and die... Another thing i have been emotional because i wasnt working on taking baby off the breast so it was all of a sudden and i miss the little nipple muncher, lol... I have also been pumping and dumping cause i have been so full and it hurts... I want to check with the doc how long this stuff stays in the system and if i can bf in a few days or not , otherwise i need to find a way to dry up my milk... I guess I did good 7 months... Longer than what I did for Rhi but i went back to work with her and it was hard to keep up the bf... Oh well guess i should go relax... hugs to all

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