Friday, September 21, 2007

Update on SIL

Sil didnt have to wait until thursday, she called and was able to get the ultrasound done on wednesday... Mil called me that night to tell me... The baby looks good but is breach, she isnt loosing fluid but i guess with the way the baby is she really doenst have alot of room... Havent heard yet on what they are going to do, wait and see if she turns or if she will be taken early by c-section... With the position the baby is in straight up, with one arm up I dont see how she will turn but things can happen... Again mil talked about how much we dont like this doctor, she was telling sil that the baby was head down and in the right position... ? At least if she has a c-section this doctor will not be doing it... So still waiting to see what will be done but at least we know the baby is ok...

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