Monday, November 19, 2007

Can I glue her diaper on?

Ok, I am at my wits end not knowing how to get it threw rhianna's head that we dont play with poop... Yesturday hubby was playing his game and she was sitting watching a movie, they were in the same room... Hubby looks at her and asks her what do you have? She walks over and hands it to him... A poop nugget... She pulled it out of her diaper and was holding it and when hubby asked her she placed it in his hand... Its getting hard to keep clothes on her too, one minute she is fully clothed next minute she is butt nakid...

This morning I woke with a migraine, I had to take my zomig and thank the goddess I did... I thought rhi was asleep, I hear her in her room saying hi, hi... She is looking out the window I am guessing since hunters were parking... I go to her doorway and she is nakid and has poop smeared all over her, its on the floor, its on her tv and dvd player, she smeared it all over the tv screen... I just shook my head, I didnt know what eles to do... I went then and started a bath for her and told her not to move till I was ready... Then I opened the gate and told her to get in the bath.... And please dont touch me or anything while on your way there... I let her soak while I cleaned up her room, got all the bedding cause I dont know what is dirty, so I am just washing it all... I can laugh about it now but I really dont know what to do.... How do I keep her clothes on, how do I stop her from playing with her poop? Why does she like to play with it, it stinks... Ugh if anyone has any ideas leave a comment... lol..

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Jenger said...

We used to put Goob in footy PJs and have to use the baby-proof safety pins to lock the zipper shut. I sort of feel bad for giggling cause I know how so not fun it can be. Hugs babe!!!!