Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whats been going on

Not a whole lot.... Lack of sleep for one... Rhianna will not stay asleep at night so she will fall asleep at 9pm and wake up a few hours later and be up all night... And she doesnt want to be alone so she keeps calling me into her room.... I am exhausted... I have been trying to take naps here and there but its not helping... And last night was horrible, at least now we can laugh about it at the time though we just kept thinking what is wrong with our kid... I should have known something was up, it was too quiet in there as i tried to drift off to sleep and then I heard her at the gate and hubby got up and then he woke me up... She had taken off her diaper, and her diaper had poop in it... And it was ALL over her... Hands, face , body... Trying to get a bath going and not having her touch anything including us... She of course wants to be held, and we keep backing away saying "dont touch me"... So hubby had the job of cleaning her up and I went to clean up her room... I am guessing she wanted playdough to play with but she has let it all dry up so she decided to use her poo... Yep folks, there sitting on her night stand was a pile of poo and she was mushing it together molding into a mass so she could press her toys into it... Namely her unicorn horse... It had to be wiped down with a clorox wipe and what a pain in the ass it was to clean that thing... Then her bed needed to be striped, washed off... Then her night stand was cleaned off and disinffected, and then i put all her toys away... Then hubby and i switched places he was cleaning in her room while i scrubbed rhi's head since i wasnt sure if she had anythign in her hair... I do not know what possessed her to play with her poop... I told my mom today our adventure last night and after she got done laughing she said i never did that... Its funny now, hubby and i joked about it later that thankfully she didnt mold it into little animal shapes to play with .... The joys of motherhood... lol

Otherwise not a lot going on here... Taking pictures of things and trying to figure out etsy to get things listed.... So hopfully in the next few days that will be up and running.... Well going to find something to eat and watch tv with the kids...

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