Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sounding better

Talked to my mom today she wasnt feeling well on monday she was getting sick and she looked a little pale when i saw her... My sil took her to the er later that night... They didnt do much there other than making them wait hours... She had a virus, needed to run its course, drink plenty of fluids and take advil for the 102 fever she had... I think they should have hooked an iv up for fluids since she was throwing up all day... But they didnt... Talked to my brother the next day when he brought over my mail and I gave him tylenol also for my mom... He makes the comment like he can never move out of my moms house cause who would take care of her... Hello, I did it when she needed me... I expect him to do more of it right now cause he is living in the house and pays NOTHING into the house... My sil also thinks that my mom would be left for dead if it wasnt for her, she made some comment at the hospital like what would you do without me to take care of you? My mom cant stand that they live there... She is so unhappy but since they cant afford to pay her to live with her they cant in turn pay someone to live somewhere else... I am hoping my brother brings my mail over today, I have a few things to say... Goddess same story different day...

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