Monday, December 18, 2006

36 weeks and counting... Had an ultrasound today to see how the baby is doing and how big she is... she is right now at 6lbs 11oz so they are not thinking of inducing me... But the baby is on her back covering where she needs to come out... So i might have to have a c-section if she doesnt go into position... I had a feeling she wasnt in the right position with the way i feel her... I never felt R this way... So I am a little nervous... The thought of surgery like that is a little mind blowing... I know lots of women have these done, but i am still scared if i have to have one... Everything eles looks great... You could even see that she has a lot of hair all ready... That old tale that if you have lots of heartburn your going to have a baby with a head full of hair, it might be true for this one... It was kinda neat to see all the fuzz sticking up on her head... I did have the lady make sure it was a girl, since the last ultrasound i had was at 18 weeks... So the name Emma Sophia is still good lol... I did have a list of boys names like last time just in case... Oh well i should get back to decorating our tree... Hubby is out putting lights up... We are sooooooooooooooooooooooo behind this year its not even funny... Next year hopfully we will be more on the ball... I think having the fake tree will help too... we never want to get it too early in fear of it drying out but now with a fake one we wont have to worry... LOL

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