Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yeah its my weekend... I never thought today would end...I was dragging all day... I think it had something to do with the pills the doc gave me... I have a big knot in my back and it just kept getting worse... I couldnt sit back in anything it would hurt too bad.. Driving was a chore... So i went to see the doc yesturday and she gave me some muscle relaxers... Its helping but i can only take them in the evening... Ive been trying to keep busy... Ive been making things here and there... We've been working also on getting things organized for when the new baby gets here... One of my ebay auctions that i have been waiting for since nov 25th finally got here today... I was happy , it was a little tike horse that i knew R would love since the baby sitter has one too... I couldnt wait till xmas i gave it to her now... She has been zooming all over the house on it and had to have it up on the bed with her... It was so cute... We then fell asleep for a bit... I love when she falls asleep next to me all cuddled up.... I guess i am a little crazy i am looking forward to getting let go at work when they close the cc... I will be able to stay home for awhile with my girls... Oh well i think i am going to make a mini bag of popcorn and go relax... Hugs to all

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