Monday, December 04, 2006

Ok i did way too much today... Last night hubby moved all the boxes out of the spare room that will be the new babys room, he then put the crib in there and put R's toddler bed together and then he moved the furniture around... How cute are toddler beds... Everytime i look at it i am like awwww its so cute, lol... So i spent a good chunk of today going thru boxes, going thru papers, etc... I washed two rubbermaid totes filled with baby clothes to go thru and organize and put in the new babys room... I am now working on my and R's laundry... My back is killing me... I just hope i sleep tonight i am so tired but it seems i have to pee every hour... Its about 6 weeks till my due date... I think i will be getting another ultrasound soon to see how big the baby is to see if i need to be induced early again... I think i am going to go relax for a bit... I am really tired... hugs to all

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