Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today was one of those days i just couldnt seen to get my butt out of bed... I think it has to do with the muscle relaxers the doc gave me too and being pregnant... I totally forgot about the afternoon with santa and i wish hubby would have reminded me and i would have gotten up earlier... We got there late and santa was getting ready to leave... Did get a pic with R and santa but she is crying she was scared of him... Next year i will make sure i get up early... R had fun with the kids though they were running around having a good time... We then went to kmart, got R more things, got for my niece and nephew and hubbys niece... We also decided we were getting a fake tree... Normally we have a real one and yes its nice not to have to store anything but this tree we got is nice, we dont have to worry about it falling over, anchoring it to the wall, putting water in it, picking pine needles out of the carpet for months after the thing has been removed... So tomorrow after all my appointments we will get to decorate it... We are really behind this year in getting the tree up etc... I dont know where the time goes... Oh well time to go relax and try to get to bed... hugs to all

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