Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just puttering around

Doing things here and there today... I did a few small loads of laundry, put all that stuff away... Got garbage together for my brother to take to the dump... That is one pain in the ass about living in the woods, we have to go to the garbage dump... Never did get to the dishes but i will do that tomorrow... Did read a little bit on the nora roberts book i have been working on... I did get my strips off today, doc told me to wait till tuesday then i could start peeling them off... That was a pain in the ass, in the shower, holding a mirror, trying to peel these things off... Took me a bit but i got them... Oh and i weighed myself today... When i got pregnant i was 197, then i lost weight while pregnant i would go between 183 and 187, when i checked into the hospital i was 187... when i left i was i think 180-181... I had a doc visit last week but i forgot to ask how much i weighed... Well tonight i was 163... I am hoping i can loose a bit more and keep it off... I got this nice dress for my brothers wedding in may i am in the wedding and i want to look good in this dress... Wasnt a bad find for 60 dollars... C has been having a blast on ebay... Its amazing what you can find on there... Oh well baby is awake and probably hungry...

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