Monday, January 08, 2007

Well tomorrow is the big day... I am a bit nervous i would be nervous no matter which way we were going... I think i wont totally freak out till tmorrow...It does suck that after 12am i cant have anything to eat or drink... The drinking part is what's going to bug me... I always have something to drink and with still having that cough from the cold this will make it hard to not have something...I was told i could rinse my mouth with water but i cant swallow anything... So i will drink everything i can till midnight... Hubby all ready took baby R to the sitters, I miss her all ready... She was so cute today, except when it came to changing her then it was a game of catch me mommy and then you can change me... Try doing that at 39 weeks pregnant... Oiy... I have all my stuff packed, got a bag too of things to do, sketch pad, reading books, stationary to write some letters, music, movies, etc... Now if they had internet access i would bring the old laptop but last time they did not offer that... I have a special wash i need to use in the shower tonight... I hope its not smelly or dries my skin out since i cant put on any lotion... Oh well i am going to run, going to find something to drink and maybe write a little bit... Hugs to all... I probably wont have an update till i get home, so thats when pictures will come too... Blessings

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