Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today i did basically nothing... I was up early but i couldnt stay awake... I think everything just caught up with me, I slept on and off all day today... Hubby did paint today, it might need one more coat but not sure till it dries... I need to find new curtains for her room, the room i used to use for storage of all my craft projects etc so i never really cared what was on the windows...

Yesturday I had my pre-op with the hospital to talk about medical history and what i need to do the night before my c-section... I got really nervous when in there, my blood pressure was actually up... I then had to hang with my mom for a few hours after that since she had a foot doc appointment and didnt want to go home for a few hours and come back... I was falling asleep by the time we got to the doctors office... I was nodding off in there with my headset on... i was so happy to get home, took a short nap... There are so many things i want to get done by monday night but i just dont think i will get there... I get tired really quick now... I just wish i could sleep solidly thru the night instead of a few hours then up for a bit then repeat... I am going to be in the hospital for at least 4 days, that is going to be weird... With baby R hubby had vacation time saved up and stayed with me... This time we cant do that... He will be there tuesday and spend the night but then he will go to work on wed, there really isnt any point in him missing all that work to keep me company... The babysitter all ready said she would take baby R monday night and tuesday night so i know she will be taken care of and in a comfortable place... I think the whole thing will be happening around 7am or so... Think my m-i-l will be there, not sure about my own mother... I just care that hubby is there... I told him again he just needs to talk to me while all of it is going on... Keeps my mind busy... Getting the baby out they said will take maybe 5 min or so, then the rest is sewing me back up ... Hubby wont be in the room for all of that and he cant see anything below the sheet or he will be passing out... lol... I am excited and nervous, here we go again... My mom got me diapers yesturday when we were out and we just talked about all the little body parts... Little hands, feet, tiny butt, etc... I cant wait to hold her.... I do need to get to the store tomorrow though and get a few last minute things... I need milk storage bags and i need one more nursing bra, one of the ones i had that i loved the lace dried out and it ripped... I have my bags mostly packed too... So Tuesday the 9th is the big day... Little Emma Sophia will be here... Hugs to all

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