Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nothing much going on here, its been raining so hard i cant get over it... Worried that tomorrow there will be flooding ... I wish my weekend was here all ready i just want to relax i have been really tired this week... Baby E is kicking up a storm i think she didnt like what i had for dinner... lol... We went to walmart tonight after work, hubby wanted to see if the new expansion pack for everquest was there... Of course they didnt have it... They did have people lining up for the new playstation, it was not even 6pm yet... People are crazy sometimes lol... We picked up some things we needed and some extra things... I was happy to see that walmart actually had some toddler beds in the store... I thought i was going to to have to order it online... Hubby woke this morning to baby crying she was ontop of her changing table... So this weekend we are getting one of those.. And then we will move the crib into the new baby's room... oh well i think i am off to bed... hugs and love

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