Friday, July 13, 2007


I am so mad right now... I broke a tooth... One that I had a filling in all ready that fell out and the tooth has decayed and they knew this and cant get me in till next month... Now its broken more and I will be calling tomorrow for something, and I am going to try and make a stink that it took them so long to get me in the crappy work the dentist that did my tooth did, who is no longer there, and i am hoping I dont get charged... Do dentist do that? Also does anyone know if i can request a copy of my file? So I can find a new dentist and have all my records so I dont have to wait for them to send everything over... I was just too timid when i had all the work done with this one dentist to bitch... When he redid the bonding on my front teeth oh my goddess at first i was almost in tears when he had me look the first time... The reason i got the bonding was to close a gap in my teeth and if you could have seen what he did, trying not to cry i told him the reason I got bonding was to close the gap, i think he was alittle peeved but he said he could work more on it and closed the gap more... I still have a slight gap there, he rounded one tooth to give it a more natural look, i was so depressed after he worked on my teeth but i learned to live with it... I wish I wasnt such a pussy at times and spoke up for myself... but i didnt... Well I am going to try so hard when i go in there to get fixed to tell them how unhappy i am with the service i got from this former dentist... Even my gums are still sore from the cap he put on my tooth, and it was some time ago, i know it can take a period to adjust but i think we are way past that time... The other side that the other dentist did and put a cap on is wonderful... I think there is some glue or part to the cap hitting somewhere on the other one... So I need a boost of courage to stand my ground... Goddess help me....

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