Friday, July 27, 2007

Well it's Friday

Even if it is only 15 min into friday... lol... It finally started raining here so hopefully it makes things feel better around here... I am hoping it doesnt keep raining, i want to go out and take pictures... Hubby has been doing a lot of yard work, trimming the creek beds, and cutting down brush... Now we need to mow... I want to take the girls out and take pictures of them and get copies made for family members... I don't think anyone has anything recent of the girls... I also got these cute fairy wings for rhi to play with and I think emma would look cute with them on out in the grass... I havent been doing too much... I was able to recover one book i had that I painted on the cover and hated it so I recovered it with paper... I think it looks pretty... Ive been working on some designs for xmas presents... I am thinking of doing mothers necklaces for all the girls this year... Now its just finding what I want to use and finding a few subs for some stones... One childs b-stone is diamond... I have been slowly reading the HP7 book... I am more than 1/2 way thru... I have been tempted to look at the last chapter to see what happens but I havent and I havent ventured to any websites that might have spoilers on it... Hubby keeps teasing me... Oh well, I am going to go and read a bit and then try and get some sleep, I didnt get much last night for some reason...

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